Thursday, September 11, 2014

It take guts to believe!

Continuing from yesterdays post featuring Ton Robbins, speaking about how and why some people say they're going to to do "something",
but never follow through.
It was in the video that I heard the phrase,

"To be skeptical is to be gutless. It takes no guts to be skeptical. You don't have to have any capacity of knowledge to be a critic. It takes GUTS to believe. And if you think someone or something is going to do it for you without you putting your guts on the line, you might as well never even try. It's your fear talking. Fear of being disappointed. Your biggest disappointments will lead to your biggest appointments in your life if you get rid of the fear and believe". 

There's probably more than a hint of truth in that saying. A lot of times when you're trying to show possible new leads, how they can make money with my advertising pays, they often sit on the fence and make excuses. 
Despite ALL the results and evidence that clearly proves this could be a life changing moment!

How many sceptics, will gladly throw their money away in the pub, at the bookmakers, on an average fast food/take away meal with the kids?
Or even like myself, (not so) gladly, trust my money to the men in suits to invest my money wisely in stocks, shares and ISA's , only for them to loose it!

Another old saying is,
"It's better to have tried and failed, than never tried at all."

All you have to do is try....


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