Monday, February 15, 2016

Would You Like More Free Time? Why Not Earn Online...?

Would You Like More Free Time? Why Not Earn Online...?

If you've read my posts before, you'll know I struggled to make any real money online in the past. Until, my friend, and sponsor, introduced me to
MyAdvertisingPays in 2014.
It's now 2016, and I'm very close to earning like never before. In fact, even with the withdrawals I have made from MAP, I am already in a position to earn more than my normal job!
The time has flown by, yet back then it seemed like a distant dream.
But I stuck with it, I even withdrew money to prove to myself and others that this really works.
I stopped working overtime, a thing I was desperate to do.
People now ask me why I don't do it anymore, yet despite their curiosity, they still carry on in the same old rut.
Yeah, I still do the normal job, but I don't stress about it anymore.
I still have all day (I work nights) and weekends to myself, whereas some folks at work, seemed resigned even to working weekends, including saturday nights!

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your account increase while you do something as simple as say, just walking the dog!
You may also know that we moved house recently, and there is a shed load of work to be done, including an extension to the back. All this is part of the "master plan" for the future. 
2016 is looking great!
New house, less work, more money and a plan to have more free time.
BUT, it's not just about me. Every one can do this, and tap into the revenue created in the online advertising market.
Of course, you have to use some money to get started. How are you going to join/start any business without it?
The beauty is, you can start with as little or as much as you feel you can afford.
Remember, as soon as you have one or more active credit packs,
you WILL start earning.
And remember, this will happen every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day (as long as you have clicked and viewed at least 10 ads in the Traffic Exchange).
So, in effect this happens wherever you are, whatever you're doing.
   You could be on holiday, walking the dog or sat on your couch.
More free time for you. More money.

I hope to be on 1200 Active Credit Packs within the next couple of months.
I have no idea how this will effect my life, but it can only be for the better.

2016 is looking great.
Make your 2016 great too!


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