Thursday, February 4, 2016

MyAdvertisingPays - What The Internet Didn't Tell You!

MyAdvertisingPays - What The Internet Didn't Tell You! 
So you think you found out all there is to know about MyAdvertisingPays,
 from the handful of people that don't!

Check out this short and concise video which, simply and clearly explains just what MAP is and isn't. Remember there are people out in the net that claim to know everything,
 whilst having little or no experience of the subject in question. 

It's really great to see a simple logical explanation of how ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes work and the glaringly obvious differences between them and MyAdvertisingPays.
Also the arguments that an individual involved with this, or by the same logic, any business, that has failed before, is somehow akin the devil and is obviously not to be trusted. 
If such arguments were used throughout history, many of the worlds greatest inventors, businessmen and entrepreneurs would never have given us the wealth of opportunities and inventions that we enjoy today!  

Personally, I AM speaking from experience,and you can follow it all in this blog.

To the future,

Tim Brigg :) 

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