Sunday, January 17, 2016

What's Your Plan For Your Future?

What's Your Plan For Your Future?

Once again some of the major world economies are in turmoil:
"You don’t have to listen very hard to hear the bears growling on Wall Street, London, or Paris these days. Indeed, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down another 300 points on Wednesday to just under 16,200
With the U.S. stock market sagging, oil off to its worst start ever, and the China’s economy continuing to deteriorate, bearish analysts have a wealth of evidence to point to." (
One day soon, interest rates WILL rise, and the possible effect of any further potential problems in the markets and beyond will have a trickle down effect. 
My personal plan is to (try) and get myself sorted financially as best I can.
Paying off as much as I can on my new mortgage, clearing any other debt, such as credit cards etc. If need be, using any possible funds from pension pots to reduce mortgage costs.
AND, amongst all these, earning extra income from the profit share in My Advertising Pays, is the most exciting!
All these strategies combined are part of my bigger plan for a more comfortable retirement!      

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