Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Advertising Pays - "They're Just Numbers On A Screen!" - "Yeah, My Bank Account Screen!"

See That My Advertising Pays, "It's Just Numbers On A Screen!" - "Yeah, My Bank Account Screen!" 
Time and time again I read stuff online by those who claim to know better, that the Profit Share in MyAdvertisingPays isn't real.
You might've read some of that stuff yourself?
You may even have read that the only people making any money online with MAP are the top referrers, the big players in online marketing.

Well that's very true, and to be honest, they work harder at it than me. I post here to show that an ordinary guy, in an ordinary job can do it too.
Maybe not to the same level (just yet...), but whether people like it or not, there are plenty of MyAdvertisingPays members who are doing pretty well, even if we're not driving fancy cars or jetting around the world.

So yeah, when you see those numbers on the screen, they are just that. 
And then I transfer those nice little numbers to my bank, where they become a different set of numbers.
Well they change from Dollars to UK Pounds!
And then I either withdraw those numbers (now real cash), or pay extra payments to the mortgage, or whatever I like basically.

Don't be fooled by people falsely saying you can't withdraw, or you MUST attain 1200 Credit Packs at all costs. Sure being at 1200 is the goal, but the business works at any level of packs, so if it's BIG MONEY, go for gold (well Diamond in fact). Or, if it's just a little extra income you'd like to earn online, that's fine too.
Get to any number you like (although I would recommend over 100) and just maintain that level.

So those numbers on the screen may seem (to others) as meaning nothing,
but when they show up up in your bank account, suddenly things look different!       

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