Wednesday, April 1, 2015


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You see that a lot on various posts on social media about Myadvertisingpays, and this is true, BUT don't get too disheartened when you see some of the top leaders posting massive results.
Firstly, they probably DID take MASSIVE action.
Secondly, they probably do have mega email lists to contact potential referrals.
Don't let this put you off. The system works at any level, it's just that 1200 Credit Packs is the ceiling at which you have to stop repurchasing.
In reality you don't have to reach 1200 (in my view, although that has the ultimate earning potential).
It is perfectly feasible to make some money at any level of packs, just as I did a couple of months ago at 170 and 220 packs.

Not only that, I have made (albeit modest) some money through promoting products from Clickbank using an affiliate link in the

And a furthermore, you now have an extra chance of more income by taking part in the SPIN WHEEL GAME with a chance of winning the (current at the time of playing) jackpot!

Here's (an abridged) version of Tony Booths (MAPS Communications Officer)
recent Facebook post:


If any of this sounds of interest to you and you have:

 a - 5 minutes a day to click just 10 ads
b - Are prepared to take even modest action
c - Have a little patience
d - Can use a pc (well you're here lol)
laptop, tablet or smartphone

Then get in touch :)

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