Friday, April 24, 2015


Hi folks, as you can see my Available Account Balance is sitting at $727. To be honest, I was going to let it run to say $1000 and then withdraw. But, I was having a short run of Credit Packs expiring quite close to each other (this is normal), so instead of losing too many packs, just to gain the $1000, I have opted to take out money now to maintain my 200 Active Credit Packs.
In fact I am now going back to repurchasing packs to build up the numbers.

As you can see (if do the maths), that I have withdrawn a further $755, making a grand total of $4367!
Remember, this was on 200 packs,
NOT - 
1200 packs
NOT  - Loads of referrals (only 3 active !)

So imagine the returns if you DID have 1200 packs!
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