Friday, June 13, 2014

Let's face it, we all take risks everyday - why worry about M.A.P.S ?

Okay, are one of the people who say,
"Ooh, trying to make money with my advertising pays is not for me, it's too risky," ?
If you are, that's not a problem, we all feel like that sometimes. But look at it this way.

You take a risk when you buy a house. You hope that the value doesn't drop and you end up in negative equity, or the bank raises the interest rate, or you lose your job and have no income.

There's a risk involved.

What if you put your money into stocks and shares, or ISA's (in the UK), and the market crashes as in 2008, and you lose your money (as I did!).

There's a risk involved.

Everytime you jump in your car (that may have cost little, or a lot of money), and happily drive 3/4 ton of metal around at 60mph, in the hope that no one else messes up and hits you,

There's a risk involved.

Let's face it we take risks all the time, most we don't think twice about.

This is why I joined My Advertising 
Sure you have to put some money in. Sure somehow, somewhere there may be, the possibility that perhaps something maybe, might go wrong, or it might not...


On the other hand.
 Check out my screenshots on this blog and see how I am getting on
 as I make money with my advertising pays.
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Most of all enjoy it. Spread the wealth !


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