Friday, June 20, 2014

Even if England are out, you should be in...M.A.P.s !

So Luis Saurez spoilt England's World Cup dreams. That doesn't mean the rest of us can't turn our dreams into reality. Just maybe, if you stick at something you believe in, your dreams might come true. And , remember, it's not just about dreaming. A little perseverance and determination will pay off in the long run.

And so it is if you want to make money with my advertising pays.
Just over 5 weeks in and the steady climb to gain more Credit Packs continues. My 53 packs earned enough for pack number 54 in 30 hours. 
When I first started, with 30 packs, it would take about 3 days. Proof that the compounding of your packs increases your income dramatically.

It's also good to see, via the Facebook group,
 Simon Stepsys MyAdvertisingPays Success Group,
new members being added all the time.
 Seems like a lot of people think we're onto something here!

As the weekend draws near,
I now have to make a plan on how I'm going to click my 10 ads
 as I may be somewhere where I can't get Internet access.
Check out my other blog:
Not Quite Touching the Void next week to see where I was? 

In the meantime, here is my latest screenshot of my stats:

Think you can make money with my advertising pays?
If so, click the link below and let's make money together!

My Advertising Pays, It Pays To Be On M.A.P! 

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