Thursday, May 21, 2015

Remember The Product - MyAdvertisingPays!

Remember, to make money with Myadvertisingpays, it's not just about pushing the advantages of earning an extra income from the Profit Share alone.

Myadvertisingpays has Great Products too!
You can drive Targeted Traffic to a website, opportunity, offer, blog or whatever you like using the Traffic Exchange AND various Banner Ads at competitive prices. You can also place Banners in high traffic pages to increase exposure.

PLUS, whenever purchase a Credit Pack , you get 550 Credits and 10 Credit Boosters - In other words, you get 550 page impressions (of an Ad in the Txt Ad, Traffic Exchange) and 10 Boosters that extend the time of an ad to 30 seconds instead of the regular 10 seconds.

AND, on top of all this, each Credit Pack qualifies you for One Share-in-Profits every 20 minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! (Until each pack returns $60, $3 of which goes to your Available Advertising Fund).

So not only can you get Targeted Traffic, and improve the SEO of a website you drive traffic to, all at great value rates, you also get Advertising That Pays You!        

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