Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Jackpot Wheel Winner!

Well it's happened again! Another Jackpot Wheel winner - was it you? 

This is another excellent way of bringing in more money to MyAdvertisingPays, which provides the members with an increased profit share and ensures the longevity of MAPs. The company is now more profitable than before, and provides quality, affordable advertising for members and customers alike

Everyone wins with  the MAP's Jackpot Wheel game!

If you're not yet a member of MyAdvertsingPays, why not create an account HERE today and have a go at spinning the wheel yourself?

If you're already in another business, this is a great place to advertise it. There's now well over 115,000 members to advertise to - on, and your advertising can be better than free - it will pay you back!

I'll show you how.

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